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This phenomenon of juvenile delinquency implies the failure of minors to adapt both to the legal and the moral calusele caluse of society, resulting in the violation of the rights of other society members, but also of the social rules and conventions.

As such, it is necessary for the state, through its criminal law policy, to work on adapting to this constantly changing society and find the most effective means for preventing and limiting the criminal phenomenon among minors.

calusele caluse

In this context, arises the issue of identifying the most appropriate sanctioning system applicable to juvenile offenders, which would allow both calusele caluse downscaling of the calusele caluse phenomenon among minors, but also the observance of the rights and freedoms specific to this age group.

In the context of the state's criminal policy, it is necessary to strike a balance between the public interest in maintaining the social order, by preventing and fighting the criminal phenomenon, and the individual interest of the minor defendant who benefits from a calusele caluse of specific rights stipulated in the national legislation and in international treaties and conventions.

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The new vision of the current Romanian criminal code aims at calusele caluse the needs of society to the needs of the individual through the implementation of measures and programs meant to ensure the awareness and acquisition of social values, the adoption of behavior according to the legal calusele caluse, and to allow the underage offender access to permanent social reintegration.

Thus, it becomes a priority to shape a positive view of social and moral values, rather calusele caluse to enforce the sanctioning effect of punishment.

calusele caluse